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Since beginning business in 2006, has been asked many times for prepared meals for a variety of dietary requirements. Many of these requirements were considered when we did our seasonal menu updates, recipe updates for existing menu items and as our new menu items were added to the menu. We are excited to now add a full menu of meals for weight loss. These meals are perfect for individuals with issues in diet or weight management and also for those with heart problems, as well as being diabetic-friendly.

 The meals are nutritious, delicious and ready in minutes, right out of the freezer and into the oven or microwave. MK Meals’ meal packages are a cost effective way to introduce a nutrition program that is strongly diet controlled while being flexible and convenient.

The entire meal program includes 6 different meal packs with 7 meals in each. For optimum cost we ship 2 x 7 meal packs together per order though just 7 meals can be purchased as well. Whether you need prepared meals short term or on an ongoing basis we are here to help. For simplicity, meals can be ordered as needed or you can be placed onto an autoship program with meals coming on a scheduled basis as desired.

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Our meals ship out of a central location in Missouri, to keep shipping costs as low as possible.

Although gourmet frozen foods require heating or cooking, they are incredible time savers. Having food delivered also cuts down on shopping time, and because there are whole meal options, planning is not an issue. Foods can be purchased individually or in meal bundles with sides. They can be portioned for individuals or families. With options that include low sodium, gluten free, vegetarian, portion controlled, and diabetic friendly foods, there are gourmet frozen food options for almost everyone.

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