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Good Low Sodium Foods is a sister site of, and the links on this page will take you there. Our parent company, has introduced a full line of healthy, balanced meals that are tasty and best of all meet rigorous health and dietary requirements. We offer two menus, A la Carte Low Sodium and Complete Meals Low Sodium.

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Meals in the A la Carte menu are ordered separately as main courses, side dishes, soups and even desserts. Meals in the Complete Meals menu are just that- meals that are complete with main and two side dishes. These meals tend to be more strictly portion controlled.

Our Parent site,, has been in business since 2005, serving up awesome frozen meals and delivering special diet meals.

Good Low Sodium Foods

Because 's menus contain amazing low sodium and heart-healthy foods, we created this site all about good low sodium foods.


We have a low sodium and heart healthy news feed, so you can keep up on the latest research and news.

Diabetic Meals

If you or someone you know is diabetic, you may be interested to know that Good Low Sodium Meals are also diabetic-friendly meals. Our meals will assist you in maintaining an adequate nutritional intake to meet the needs for your age and your medical condition(s), especially if you are having difficulties preparing your own meals at home.

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Weight Loss

You may be surprised to know that our meals are also excellent meals for weight management! They are also delicious and easy to prepare.

Don't wait to start on a simple regimen of prepared meals to manage your weight! You are only a step away, call us now toll-free at 877-516-2442!.

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Low Sodium meals are one of the elements to battling hypertension, the "silent killer". Adopting a low sodium diet for hypertension can reduce blood pressure. It is quite possible to reduce salt intake and enjoy tasty food too. Start with our Low Sodium Meal plan, and see what great meals are available within the restrictions of a low salt diet.

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Questions? Contact us toll-free at 877-516-2442.